Why does your travel insurance claim may be denied

Travel – it is a good experience that you can have in a lifetime. Most travelers prefer to buy insurance travel insurance in order to be "safe and secure", if something goes wrong, or there is something unexpected. Before you buy travel insurance for customers is very important to first understand that the insurance does not cover. This does not guarantee that you will inevitably covered if something goes wrong. Incorrect interpretation of an insurance policy can lead you to frustration if your insurance claim is to give time, when you need it most.

What to do if your claim on the insurance of the road will be rejected in the time that you most need it? Below are the most common reasons why your appeal can be rejected

Nedeklaravanyya preconditions

Buying travel insurance quote, if you have a previous medical condition. Some insurers will cover medical conditions for an additional fee, while others may. If you do not expose this information, your attempt to make a claim on the road may be denied insurance in consultation with the medical documents. Check and follow all of the rules set by the supplier. Remember that this coverage is only for unexpected injuries and illnesses.

Incomplete forms and documentation

Another reason why you can deny the claim on travel insurance – it's just an incomplete form that is missing important information or incorrectly filled. Always make sure that your form is filled out correctly and completely. All required attachments are included before you submit your claim, such as physicians & # 39; certificate, police report (for the theft or loss of the apparatus), the purchase of your property or even travel delay confirmation from the carrier.

Participate in adventurous or dangerous activities

Political travel insurance have different coverage in terms of sports and adventures that they cover. they usually do not engage in extreme sports, which are considered dangerous, but an additional bonus may be available for activities such as skydiving, jumping, hiking at an altitude etc. certain holiday activities.

Neatsverzhanyya direction (against the advice of the WHO or FSA)

Some insurers cover only certain areas and, as a rule, they do not cover the places that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Commission or the Health Organization advised not to travel.

Alcohol Up & # 39; yanenne or drug use

If you have lost valuables, damaged item or personal accident happened while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your insurance claims are likely to be invalidated. While you're traveling, to enjoy life, be responsible and just keep everything in moderation.

Illegal / thoughtless behavior

Fraudulent, dishonest or illegal behavior, such as travel to the forbidden place and the unauthorized use of & # 39 facilities not covered by any insurance. Always follow all the rules and regulations to avoid problems while traveling.

recklessly luggage

Please note that items will not be covered without supervision if they are closed in a hotel or in a secure car trunk. If you are applying for a lost item, always get a police report regarding the incident or ask a hotel or tour operator to give you a written statement – it will help with the demand for travel insurance.

Events that occur before buying travel insurance

The events that took place before you bought the insurance, apparently, will not be covered. If you require this, it will be rejected and may even be regarded as a falsification.

As much as possible, we want all went according to plan: before, during and after our trip. But there are some cases when something goes wrong, and stress-free and easy processing of the claim may alleviate the situation.

Travel insurance – obligatory for international travelers

Travel – it is one of the activities that each person should take in any given moment; It does not matter what the purpose of travel, or & # 39 is a local or an international journey. Many people are looking forward to traveling to other parts of the world for different reasons and purposes, including, but not limited to business, tourism, leisure, pilgrimage, education and medical care.

Euphoria travel outside of the domain usually comes with a lot of preparations, and often great resources are deployed to ensure that the trip is really happening; These include the acquisition of the international passport, medical tests (where applicable), expensive fees for visa, book flights and hotel reservations.

Many people do anything, and only in order to realize its ambitious international way. And to be honest here, international travel is really fun and you can look forward to. Travel, especially international – is a form of training for the travelers, as they have the opportunity to see a new environment, meet new people and learn how to do everything else.

International travel deliver the traveler many opportunities, regardless of their original purpose of the trip. These include business opportunities, educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and even the possibility of marriage. Unfortunately, these (possible) travelers only see these and many other features. It seems that they are ignorant or less concerned about the risks that are inherent in international travel, so they do not make any steps towards mitigating these risks.

At this stage, you can tempt to ask a question: "What are the risks associated with international travel?" Very good question. Just read on, because most of these risks are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Risks associated with international travel

How interesting, fun, enjoyable, profitable and educational, as well as international travel, they also come with their disadvantages – risk – as well as any other time in life. Fortunately for travelers, many of these risks can be transferred to a professional supplier of travel insurance when buying travel insurance – also called "medical travel insurance" or "medical travel insurance."

These international travel risks are many and varied, and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden illness in the destination country, in need of immediate medical attention and / or hospitalization.
  • Involvement in an accident which results in personal injury, temporary or permanent disability or death
  • Lost luggage registration
  • Loss of valuable things, such as an international passport, drivers & # 39; license, national identity card, etc.
  • Personal commitments abroad
  • Emergency dental cases
  • stealing
  • The arrest by law enforcement agencies that require subscription and legal protection

Another question that can be asked at this stage, is that: "There are travel insurance policies are covered if all of the above risks?" And the answer is a big "YES", and much more.

Coverage and benefits provided by the major travel insurance rules

Below is a list of most of the cover and benefits that are provided by travel insurance policies – depending on suppliers. So the next time you buy a travel insurance policy, pay attention to the cover and benefits.

  • Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad
  • Evacuation ambulance
  • Repatriation after treatment
  • Emergency dental care
  • Repatriation of family member & # 39; and wanders from the insured
  • Journey of an immediate family member of the & # 39; and
  • Emergency return home following the death of a close relative
  • The repatriation of the mortal remains of
  • health care
  • legal aid
  • Services before leaving
  • International general assistance
  • Information Assistance abroad for lost luggage and a passport,
  • drug delivery
  • Legal protection
  • Advance loan bonds
  • Theft in public transport
  • Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad
  • Compensation for the loss of checked baggage during flight
  • Compensation for the delay in the arrival of the luggage
  • The delay in departure
  • Placement and shipment of luggage and personal belongings.
  • accidental death
  • Permanent disability
  • Personal civil liability
  • Travel costs cancellation

Risks that do not apply to insurance policies

After talking about compensation and benefits offered by the insurance insurance, it is also important to take into account the risks that do not apply in most of these policies listed below:

  • Participation in criminal activities or as a result of fraud, SUR & # 39; ozna negligent or reckless actions, including actions of the Insured, which are in a state of maladjustment, or under psychiatric treatment costs, for which they excluded themselves;
  • Natural with & # 39; waking, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, atypical tsyklonichnyya storms, falling objects from space and aeralitav, and in general any extraordinary atmospheric, meteorological, seismic or geological with & # 39; waking, any other type of disaster disasters;
  • Events arising from terrorism, mutiny or mass unrest;
  • Events or actions of the Armed Forces or Security Forces in peacetime;
  • War with the previous declaration and without any conflicts or international interventions using force or coercion or military action of any kind.
  • Participation in bets, challenges or fights, except for legitimate defense or necessity;
  • Previous illness or injury
  • Participation in competitions, sports, and preparatory or training tests;
  • Motorcycle racing or motorcycle racing, horse riding, climbing, boots, boxing, wrestling in any of its modes, martial arts, parachuting slept sharykanne aircraft, freefall, glide, and generally any kind of sports or leisure activities. be dangerous;
  • Participation in competitions or tournaments that are organized by sports federations or similar organizations.
  • Hazardous winter and / or summer sports, such as skiing and / or similar sports.
  • Accidents at work
  • International and locally recognized epidemic.
  • Illness or injury, resulting from chronic ailments or from those that existed before the creation date of the policy;
  • Death or injury due to suicide or suicide attempts, or any samananyatyh wounds.
  • Illness, injury, or pathological condition caused by alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, narcotics or drugs purchased without a prescription, as well as any mental illness or mental imbalance;
  • Illness or injury caused by pregnancy and childbirth, or any complication or voluntary termination of pregnancy;

Where to buy travel insurance

Travel insurance can be purchased on the Internet – and many travel insurance providers can be bought. All you need to do is find the right provider and complete the online form or questionnaire, make a payment, and the policy will be available for immediate printing, or sent to your email address.

You can also buy insurance for travel in the off-line at a local insurance company or travel agency. which would be the way you choose, you can be sure that you will be fully protected against the security risks of dangerous gravel.

Using a travel insurance

Once you have purchased travel insurance policy, whether it is self-acquired using the Internet portal provider, travel agency or through a local insurance company, you should make sure you do not forget to take the document with you while traveling. It is so important, because you may need to submit this document to the relevant authorities.

You have to take into account your policy number (copy it possible elsewhere) as its service providers will be required to identify you when you call them for help.

Another thing you should take note of its certificate or policy document for insurance – this number of "Assist" phone on which you need to call if you need help. These numbers are always visible in the document written travel insurance – so take note of them.

You should strive to read as much as possible of the document to understand the cover provided, the terms and conditions of the policy, as well as its exceptions. And it is very important when applying for a policy, be honest and avoid any form of fraud.

Summary and Conclusion

There are other benefits that tourism provides insurance, which can not be exhaustively discussed here. But after reading some of the above advantages, you will agree that, indeed, travel insurance must be mandatory for a successful trip. So next time you are planning international travel, make a purchase of the insurance track priority. He is quite accessible, and anyone can buy it. Peace of mind and protection that he will provide, will be enormous.

Tips for training to fly emergency air

If you are going to travel for some medical needs, such as medical tourism or treatment, you might think about a quick and safe journey.

It may take some time to prepare for battle ambulance ambulance. But a reliable service provider will provide you all the necessary assistance during the entire process. For better care and peace of mind, to better prepare we recommend that you follow the advice below.

Decide on the destination

For specialized care, and fair prices, try your level to look for a better place. Air ambulances who travel abroad can be your best choice in this case. Additionally, you can talk to your health care professional for recommendations.

Know more about the suppliers ambulance

It is important to realize that the service that you choose to travel, just as important as the health worker that you have chosen for treatment. , Here are some important considerations before choosing a service.


Good service providers accredited CAMTs, responsible for the regulation and supervision of providers of medical transport services.


Based on your needs when traveling, you need to choose a plane.

Clinics and providers

Patients may have a health problem, if they are on the way to the plane. Thus, it is important to know the type of the medical staff, who will be on the plane with each flight. In the majority of aircraft in addition to experienced nurses have respiratory therapists.

important documents

It is necessary to transmit important medical documents in the ambulance service. Without documents you may not be able to receive the necessary medical care.

In addition to medical cards, make sure you have confirmed and a passport that has not ended. Make sure you have prepared these documents for a few days before the flight date to enjoy a wonderful impression ambulance aircraft.


In an emergency ambulance there are different kinds of medical equipment to monitor patients and health care workers to deal with emergencies that may arise. Thus, there is plenty of space for luggage. Therefore, be sure to take the necessary things.

Here you can pack the documents, clothes, snacks, books and other things that you might need for entertainment.

ground transportation

And last but not least, it is important to remember that rapid ambulance will pick you up from one airport and put you in the other. Thus, you can look for a good ground transportation so you can get to where you landed your destination airport. Often the provider of air ambulance can help you arrange transportation for you.

But make sure you talk with them ahead of time to get the best care. It may take some time to arrange transportation for you.

Brief history, if you are going to fly in the air ambulance ambulance, you it can seem complicated. However, if you have a solid plan, your journey can be as smooth as possible, and you do not have to worry about any problems.

The health benefits of taking vacation

Pleasant holidays allow to relax and enjoy themselves, freed from the daily tasks at home and in the office. This is your time to travel and explore the world. Rest also brings unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Creating good memories good for the soul. You will not only enjoy it, but also to become mentally, physically and spiritually healthy.

Before giving you the importance of rest, here are some tips on how to take a vacation:

1. Make sure you have a budget vacation.
2. Let your boss and colleagues know about it sooner.
3. Provide flights and hotels early.
4. Pack light.
5. Enjoy the planning and packaging as part of the overall experience
6. Leave the phone and laptop at home.

specialist Area

Studies show that taking a vacation may lower the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and help live a more healthy.

Experts agree that people who suras & # 39; ozna perceive their health, must also learn to take vacation time wssd & # 39; tackle. Scientists from the State University of New York at Oswego surveyed more than 12,000 men aged 35 to 57 years who took part in a big test for heart disease prevention. The results, presented last March at a meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Savannah, suggest that men who take vacation every year, reduce the overall risk of death by about 20 percent and the risk of death from heart disease by 30 percent.

When the mind feels pressure and blocked ideas, impact on the body can be undesirable. One of the most important characteristics of mental health and well-being with a & # 39 is easy to set the time to allow your mind to do nothing. It is the method troublesome person can argue, ponder, refreshing and, as a rule, be grateful to the world around us – a world that you are usually busy to recognize.

If the doctor says, rest

If you are sick, the most common that you hear from the doctor and peers – it's a lot of rest. This meant that way. Relax without any offers. Art of doing nothing, when you feel bad, follows the mind from the hustle and bustle. As stress and depression increase, the time for regular visits and vacations can give you a few solutions to maintain a healthy state.

Many people are planning to leave, a weekly for a week fast paced planned. Thus, the holiday is often the same as demanding as the work that you have left behind. A lot of people a feeling of razgromlenastsi when they returned from vacation, and in this case. To get the most health benefit on vacation, it is important for you to do as little as possible time and take the time to relax the mind and soul, that you need to recharge, so you can return home feeling amalazhanym.

Make it easy and unwinds

Idleness is common in today's society, but it is a significant part of the mental health of your person. This allows you to collect his thoughts, to expand the view and remove anxiety. A certain amount of sleep is essential to a happy, contented life.

The supreme tool to manage stress with the & # 39 is relaxation. If you take a siesta in a beach chair or snoring under the stars, you will feel it is better to relax on vacation. Your mind and body are calm, if you adjust the focus and pace.

One of the great ways to relax with a & # 39 is reading a book, especially if you fall asleep. Fishing – it's kind of reflective activity. Try such innovative sports like surfing and bowling can not calm, but can offer benefits to your health and well-being. No matter how active and inactive your vacation, your mind is the ease and relax your body. Basically, doing things you love, the things that bring you the meaning of your life, and see if you can mix it with the calm and quiet time that you will need on the part of the adventure.

Examine your options

Rest will give you an opportunity to see new places and seek new adventures. Some may make a trip abroad and explore the wonderful things on to find the find. Others can spend the holidays in the campaigns and expeditions to nearby mountains. Others prefer to voluntarily participate in activities in their community. There are many options from which to choose. Choose what is best for your health. The goal is to get out of the stress of the daily duties and take care of you.

Traveling with children – safety tips that parents need to know

Travel must be interesting and exciting, but if you travel with your kids, the trip can bring you a lot of stress. A careful planning, traveling with children will be easier. You also need to anticipate any problems that may arise during the trip, which deals with the safety of your children, to make the trip enjoyable and hassle-free. Here are some tips for safe travel with children.

Let your kids involved in planning a trip or vacation. Traveling with children in unfamiliar place can bring stress and fear you. Help them to anticipate changes in the environment and activities to include them in the planning stage of a trip or vacation. It will also help them to welcome a new location, if you bring with familiar toys and other things that will make the kids comfortable.

Inspect hotel or room accommodation. Hotels in your destination may not be as safe as the hotel on your home country, it is better to inspect the room for defective or prone electrical wiring, dangerous stairs or balcony railing, toxic substances in the bathroom and other things that can harm your people. children.

Bring padarozhnitski health kit. It will also serve as your first-aid kit, which will help you to take care of minor health problems when traveling with children. In your medical kit may be drugs prescribed by the doctor if you or your children are taking medication. Medications must be in original bottles and bring a copy of the prescription or a note. An example of medicines that may be brought, with the & # 39 are anti-malarial drugs, antydyyaryoznyya drugs, antihistamine medicine against myocardial motion, medicines for fever, mild laxative, anti-inflammatory / expectorant, antacids and anti-fungal / anti-bacterial ointment. You also need to bring money for insects with 50% DEET, sunscreen or sun blocks, the alcohol hand gel, digital thermometer, baby wipes, as well as the address and the district hospital phones in your appointment. Your padarozhnitskaya kit – a very useful kit when traveling with children.

Encourage your children to be careful with food and water. Children in associated with food and water when traveling prone to diarrhea and other diseases. Before traveling with children, you have to teach them to be careful with food and water for other purposes. You should use only purified water. Encourage your children to wash hands often with soap and water or use disinfectants on alcohol, especially before eating.

The advantages of a vacation Mental Health

For both children and adults, the adverse social consequences of socially useful benefit for daily rest is a vast improvement in the social and mental health perspectives. Traveling in his spare time is a great personal impact on a person compared with someone who did not go. Opportunity to get away and relax creates a wonderful feeling of euphoria and excitement. Traveling in his spare time is very important to reduce stress for both adults and children, and especially for people with lower incomes. Quality of life improved dramatically along with personal growth, self-realization and self-esteem increase. As the number of personal travel in an unhappy person increases their depression and deterioration. Access to luxury travel increases the intellectual pleasure of man, reduces his own poverty, since it increases self-esteem and financial control.

Personal travel offer people the opportunity to improve social skills, promote the inclusion of private social groups and institutions, while significantly establishing positive interaction of social ties with friends, family & # 39; It and society. With seven low-income & # 39; families and individual girl's journey into the cultural events, such as in a museum, opera and classical concerts in the framework of free time, and not on the & # 39; especially children feel the full sense of dignity, acceptance and excitement to expand even more in such activities.

The benefits for mental health, associated with relaxation in your spare time, creates a sense of social identity and belonging. Traveling in his spare time and play an important role in improving social skills in children, especially for a long time feeling. Children of parents who have made it a family mantra and duty to represent them in different places and locations are much more likely to become much more teenagers and adults in the social sphere. They tend to be much quieter weekend, feel safer in various conditions, while a child or an adult, do not travel, usually feel like a fish out of water in unfamiliar territory.

Association related to travel on your spare time, is a personal sense of dasyagnutastsi and motivation. Those who personally associated with children and adults who suddenly found themselves the recipients of rest for the first time, they see with their own eyes the exciting benefits that journey brings. They see the return journey to relax, unwind and relax, and rejuvenate and reconnect them to your inner well-being as an outstanding proof that the rest can be done. Travel helps them maintain a healthy balance of intrinsic value. That's why rich people always make a vacation on vacation neodymium & # 39; emnay part of their health and wellness.

For those who are in the lower part of the spectrum, and is primarily due to limited income, many children and adults in urban and rural areas have little or no access to travel and holidays resource. Number of participation is very limited; it forms the feelings and results in relation to such activities. Most just either stay at home or visit close friends and / or family & # 39; S. With today's economy in a recession, it is more important than some & # 39; and and individual people to find ways to give back and relax, avoiding the obvious choices.

It is imperative to increase the personal time, even including the time to improve the social well-being, helping to overcome poverty. Understanding the need for access to travel in his spare time for people with disabilities is very important for the understanding of one of the acute problems faced by African-American, Latino and poor white communities conditions. Do not go beyond your own neighborhood or state lines, many socially died of lack of financial resources to access outside its borders.

"As a child to see it."

It is very important that children feel all aspects of travel and personally realize how much fun and enthusiasm he brings. Children who travel quite frequently, as opposed to children who do not, grow up happy, independent, well-minded adults who continue to travel. Both tend to grow or to repeat his love, excitement and independence of travel or their feelings and are indifferent to the feelings of their own future children.

The celebration of a new culture and personal well-being is possible when a person travels outside his comfort & # 39; area. For their own psychological well-being it is very important to be able to relax, enjoy and fit in any circumstance. Travel, as a rule, is a positive attitude to and exceeds the faces of those who have the opportunity to do so. This transformation, which for some is almost indescribable, for example, the formation of subtropical cloud, blue-green water and the plants and animals that are not & # 39 are native to the region. Euphoric feeling of relaxation is so overpowering that they want to visit again and again to experience this pleasure. Traveling in his spare time, reflects the beauty and fragility that is in the human experience.

Health Benefits of humor while traveling

Travel compel people to come to their destination. But sometimes a destination – not the only thing that travelers should consider. The journey can be as enjoyable as the destination. The only thing to remember – it is always fun. If you know how to have fun while traveling, then you know that the journey – it's not a simple task. It is a pleasant experience. Funny journey can make every journey less stressful. Your problems will actually be easier to move. Humor can help strengthen the physical health of travelers. These benefits can be achieved through laughter that people experience in a funny travel experience. Laughter, as proven by studies, may force the body to adapt to many situations. A good laugh can ease problem solving, preventing the traveler from the stresses that cause problems in the journey. It also helps in the development and maintenance of physical health.

Several things can go wrong during the trip. The probability that he had committed a humorous travel experience, increased if the journey begins in the wrong things happen. If you have the right attitude, fun easy and free. Travelers do not need to pay more just to have some fun on the trip. Spontaneous events, which at any moment may occur during the trip, make the operation more exciting. Saying and sharing humor while traveling will allow travelers to be more spontaneous, less defensive, release inhibitions and be able to express true feelings. Traveling spontaneously, good and just. The travelers will be less doubt and forget their prejudices travelers when they will release the protection. Less defensive protection, in turn, release inhibitions that make vacationers each other. The last of these fun tips for travel is that travelers need to let go of their feelings; This transparency can make traveling relationships fun.

If people have a funny travel stories, travel will never be regarded as boring and hard work that people do. A good laugh has many healthy effects on the physical body of the traveler. Laughter relaxes the whole body, boosts immunity, releases endorphins and protects the heart. A good laugh can make the body's muscles to relax to 45 minutes after the laugh. It also reduces stress hormones and thus creates for the traveler a better job of the immune system. A good laugh can make any traveler in the worst situations feel better because satisfaction causes the release of endorphins. Laughter also exercises blood vessels and arteries; it protects the heart from cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

The funny travel no losses. Fun can never disappear in any situation; All you need – is to recognize. Travel jokes can go far for any traveler. This will not only provide a good laugh, but also to put travelers in a higher state of well-being and health. Travel and humor – great friends, as they spread happiness around.

Do not forget to pack your insurance health insurance!

How can I leave the country without health insurance?
If you are abroad or are planning a trip abroad, check your current health insurance. Many domestic plans do not cover you outside the US, and you certainly will not be "on-net", making Europe a tourist or using new skis in the Alps! The last thing you need is to get stuck in to foreign emergency room with a broken arm, surprising rash or flu without the protection of the health insurance!

I know Americans who have had problems with finding a doctor for a quick treatment while traveling outside of their home. Imagine how much harder it is to get medical care or dental care in another country.

I'm surprised that the Americans, who are so obsessed with your health insurance, it is believed that they will be safer and healthier when visiting a foreign land without health! In addition, overseas health plan often provides many other services that will provide peace of mind on holiday. If you have lost your luggage, you need to cancel your trip due to a family emergency, or have a toothache north, you'll have to call!

What is travel insurance?

Usually you can find a comprehensive travel insurance plan with low price. This will cover hospital and medical expenses, emergency medical services, lost luggage, trip cancellation, fast dentistry, emergency evacuation, accidental death and resettlement and return of minor children.

You can buy a plan during the trip and have peace of mind knowing that you will have an insurance card and number to call if you have any problems while visiting another country.

Guide to buying and using travel insurance

Is travel insurance necessary?

Travel already expensive enough, is not it? Airfare, cruises, hotels, ground transportation, meals, and entertainment and entertainment is already quite high. I do not know about you, but I'm working on my money, and when I go, I want to save as much money in my pocket. Travel insurance necessity or luxury? Why not cut a few corners here and there. Why buy something if it is not needed?

My personal answer, I realized that I was not independently wealthy and can not withstand potential financial losses that I will bear, if I need medical care when I travel. The fact that self-wealthy also means that I am in the market enough, but cheap insurance roads. I suspect that you are in the same position, so you also need a cheap travel insurance. If you're still not sure, consider the following.

Did you know that if you become ill or injured while traveling abroad, your health plan may not cover all the expenses that you incur? If the treatment costs exceed the maximum of your health plan, you will be responsible for the difference, when you have not purchased travel insurance. In fact, you can not even be admitted to the hospital without some evidence of medical or health insurance.

This is true for everyone, regardless of age or length of time abroad. Let's say you get sick a few hours after arriving at your destination. Or suppose you make a day trip to another country and injured in a traffic accident. Or suppose one of your children is part of a group attending classes abroad, gets food poisoning and requires hospitalization. In all cases, without adequate medical travel insurance you will be responsible for any costs that exceed the limitations of your existing medical plan.

So, before you go abroad, you need to make sure you are adequately covered by health insurance for travel, which would benefit your budget. You should check whether you appropriate medical coverage through the plan, payments to employees or even a credit card. If the coating is sufficient for your needs, you can enjoy a trip without additional costs for insurance coverage. However, if you are unsure of your coverage, or if your coverage inadequate or do not exist, the next step should be to research and purchase travel insurance.

How much can you expect to pay?

When I bought my first plane to China a few years ago, it cost about $ 2,000, and my travel insurance has cost me more than $ 500, because I did not go shopping for cheap travel insurance online.

A few years later, a little older and wiser, and my travel insurance on the next trip to China cost me much less – about $ 300 for about the same coverage. The difference? Before you buy travel insurance on a second trip, I have to buy on the Internet and got me a refund right for the right price. If I got in my travel agents insurance travel insurance for this last trip, I it would cost about $ 600 for the trip, and my airplane tickets cost as little as $ 1,500! Not really a sensible way.

So much as it will cost you? Not much money as it would cost you if you become ill or injured abroad, and you have no insurance traffic insurance! This is an obvious answer to the question.

In fact, as the cost of traffic insurance will depend on your age and the type of coverage you choose. Basic policies are only $ 5.50 per $ 1,000 coverage. On the other hand, you can expect that the full recovery of the policy will cost you between 7 and 10% of the cost of the trip, depending on your age. The older you are, the more you will pay. Regardless of the cost of the policy, however, it is certainly much less than the cost of medical evacuation!

The good news from the & # 39 is that you can easily, conveniently and quickly explore and find great, but cheap insurance on the Internet and reduce costs by making an informed purchase. It's much better than taking what you offer in the travel agency, because you can choose from hundreds of companies, insurers and the police, and save a lot of money. The only place where you can start your search is in the center travel insurance, (http://www.travel-insurance-central.com)

What to consider when buying insurance road

To help you in the study, here are some guidelines to help you make an informed purchase.

1. Consider the worst-case scenario. If you can financially withstand the worst-case scenario, it is possible that you do not need to insure the journey, and maybe you will not need an integrated policy.

2. Make sure that the policy you are considering provides adequate medical / dental coverage, including coverage of medical evacuation just in case you need medical assistance in places where the best treatment is available below the standards you are used to in your country. This can happen if you get sick in a country that is developing, or even on a ship.

3. Check the available insurance policies to cover the possibility. It makes no sense to pay more for what you already have in your home or renter of the owner, such as theft and damages.

4. If you travel frequently, you should consider annual or year-round travel insurance policy. Sometimes referred to as polisamidovym insurance policy. Whatever the name, these policies can be relatively cheap compared with the travel insurance policies on one trip.

5. Know what you are buying, so read the fine print. Make sure that you understand what the company considers a legitimate reason for cancellation or interruption. If the list is too restrictive, you may want to consider a different policy.

6. Do not forbid only buy from your travel agent. Perhaps he will be only one company's products, and it is for your convenience, but it's convenient!

7. Ask a lot of questions about the coverage. Play a game of "what if". Ask terminology accurate explanations. Make sure you have travel insurance company and speak the same language.

8. Do not buy insurance through the transport provider. If an airline goes bankrupt, how adequate is your insurance coverage?

Once you have purchased travel insurance

Remember that your travel insurance covers you between certain specific dates, so do not start the journey early, and do not extend travel without changing your travel insurance policy covering dates. Sure, it may cost you more, but it's cheaper than finding yourself without coverage when you need it most.

In addition, almost impossible to talk about the fact that when traveling abroad must carry a travel insurance policy. You may not consult with the policy, as she sits on a table at home. You must also be in possession of free assistance phone number and other contact information to your insurance company, where you go. You will not be useful if you get sick or injured, and the necessary information about the policy is sitting in your hotel room. It's also a good idea to bring along their usual medical records and information.

Hopefully, these tips will help you best for you to travel. Then take your trip with peace of mind that comes from the fact that you are insured with the right insurance policy at the right price. Good luck!

All about travel insurance and its categories

One of the best ways to protect yourself from unexpected accidents while traveling – this insurance travel insurance. Most banks offer this product as a precaution and the role of money, helps travelers get the peace of mind during their trip.

For those who do not really know about it, travel insurance covers financial loss or medical expenses that you may incur during your domestic or international travel. Usually this insurance product has five major categories, which you may know.

Trip cancellation insurance. You'll be covered if you or a companion traveling have to interrupt, delay or cancel the trip (perhaps due to a problem with the weather & # 39; em, injury or disease, problems with passports or visas, unexpected business conflicts, acts of terrorism or on the road accident airport).

Road medical or major medical insurance. It provides coverage if the insured becomes ill or injured while traveling. The difference lies in the fact that the medical travel insurance provides cover only short-term (from five days to one year), while the basic medical insurance is ideal for people who will be traveling from six months to a year or more.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance. If you find yourself in a remote rural area, or anywhere where access to essential health facilities or absent, this insurance policy will cover the necessary medical evacuation and transportation to the appropriate room.

Insurance against accidental deaths / flight. Whenever there was such an accidental death or serious & # 39; oznaya trauma caused by the crash, the insurance policy will pay the insured to the insurer, who survived.

It is best to evaluate the nature of your travel, health and activities in which you participate, to help you determine whether travel insurance is particularly useful. You can see, for example, your ability to pay the full cost of a trip home in case of emergency and you need to make a trip outside the salary home, or you can pay for health care if someone in your party becomes ill health. Factors such as these can help you understand whether the insurance will be helpful. If you decide to get it, remember to carefully read the fine print and ask the bank staff to explain each policy, so you can make an informed decision complete.

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