travel insurance – it can cover

If you are going on vacation, there are many things that should be remembered and taken into account, but the one thing that almost no one believes it is travel insurance. No matter how well you plan a vacation, there are unexpected things happen, and this is where insurance is shot on the road. This can compensate you unforeseen emergencies. Depending on the length of stay and type of travel, you can select multiple types of travel insurance.

• Cancellation / trip off – these policies cover cancellation of holidays due to sudden illness or death, weather & # 39; I compulsory military duty, the duty of jury, before the departure of the cruise line or airline bankruptcy. Many also include insurance against terrorism, which will cover your expenses if the US Department of State will make a warning about the trips. This warning is to advise people not to travel to a particular country for a certain time.
• Medical care – this is useful if you plan to travel to underdeveloped countries. It also covers those who have chronic medical conditions that may require medical attention at some time during the trip. Policy compensates you the cost of medicines, visits to the doctor, and sometimes may cover medical evacuation out of the country. Make sure you consult with your insurance company about the details, because the travel health rules are different.
• Tickets that are not returned, you can also get travel insurance that will cover it in case your trip is canceled for various reasons. There are some plans that cover even missed connections. This can be a lifesaver if there is a flight delay, confusion or a crowded airport terminal.
• A comprehensive insurance package – a package for frequent travelers or long trips. This package provides a variety of coatings and & # 39 is the best price. Some of these packages allow you to choose what type of coverage you want to include.
• Cruise ships – it can be covered when the cruise is delayed, and the traveler must change the reservation at the hotel or if the trip is reduced, and you have to agree on the trip home at the last minute.

Other expenses or situation can be coated, which may include:

• It is necessary to transfer to a medical facility
• The cost of medical procedures, if your health insurance does not recognize the jurisdiction of
• Accommodation Questions
• Payment of the hotel, if your flight is delayed
• Replacement of essential items if baggage is delayed or lost
• Errors in the arrangement of the flight, if the traveler was not to blame
• Emergency legal aid
• Transportation, if you need to return home due to an emergency or death of close relatives

Medical Travel – the precautions to be taken

In India there are fewer rules relating to health, which apply to foreign tourists. These rules are more a matter of prevention, than anything else.

* WHO website for international travelers.

* WHO India

yellow fever

Any person (including infants), arriving in the air or sea without a certificate may contain isolation for up to 6 days, when he arrived six days after departure from the affected area, or has been in such an area in transit, or has arrived. plane, which was located in the infected area and has not been dezinfikavany in accordance with the rules of the Indian Aircraft (Public Health) or those recommended by the WHO. Different countries of Central and South America and Africa are considered to be infected, contact the concerned Indian mission on the current list. If the reported case of yellow fever from any country, that country is regarded by the Government of India as infected with yellow fever and is added to the above list.


Malaria risk exists throughout the year in the whole country, with the exception of parts of the state Gimachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim. The certificate is not required, but for all travelers to India are encouraged to take a course of tablets against malaria.

Protect yourself from insects, staying in well prasekavanyh locations using repellents (moderately nanosyachysya every 4 hours), and wore long-sleeved shirts and long pants from dusk to dawn.


Travelers who are sent to countries that impose restrictions on the arrival from India or from the affected area in India due to cholera, must have a certificate. In any case, we recommend vaccination against cholera.

general tips

* Drink only bottled or boiled water, or carbonated drinks in vials or bottles. Avoid running water gush drinks and ice cubes. If this is not possible, make water safer by filtering through an "absolute 1 micron or less" filter AND adding iodine tablets to the filtered water. "Absolute 1 micron filter" can be found in stores for camping and outdoor supplies.

* Buy bottled water from respectable outlets to avoid stomach upset. Some of the most famous brands – "Bislery", "Kinley", "Finn-Aqua", "Himalaya", etc.

* Watch out for spicy dishes, especially at the beginning of the tour. Avoid eating food from the shelves. Eat unpeeled fruits and avoid fresh salads, particularly in small hotels. If you are forced to eat food in any place where you are not sure, make sure that the food is served hot.

* Always use an insect, if you were in an area prone to mosquitoes. But remember that not every place infested with mosquitoes and low temperatures in the winter (when the majority of tourists come to India) kill most bugs in the northern plains and hills.

* If you are traveling in the searing heat, do not forget to drink plenty of water, use hats, sunglasses and UV lotions. You do not go out in the sun in the middle of the day.

* Pharmacies or chemists in every small town and village, and you can buy medicine. If you need to see a doctor for a particular condition, consult your hotel (most have doctors on call) or from your travel agent. The cost of visiting a doctor is quite low (less than a dollar) compared to Western countries.

Wellness package

In India, most modern medicines are available in pharmacies, but it is reasonable to travel with a reserve. If any of the prescription drugs are required, bring a sufficient amount of time. It is advisable that you wear a small medical kit that should contain a cure for stomach disorders, some antiseptic cream, repellents against mosquitoes, suntan lotion / uv, etc.

Note: This document is not a & # 39 is a complete medical guide for travelers to the region. Consult your doctor for specific information related to your needs and your medical history; recommendations may differ for pregnant women, young children and people with chronic diseases.

This article is provided to you site medical tourism in India, which is a & # 39; is a service provider for medical tourists coming to India.

If you buy an international health insurance for travel?

Your health insurance is likely to cover medical expenses if you are an international holiday. However, you can still buy a contract by contract a travel insurance, because it can offer benefits if your regular health insurance policy won & # 39; t.

Most contracts for medical insurance covers you in case of emergencies, no matter where you went. Your share of the cost is likely to be the same as if you are in the network, even if you're not, if you are applying for medical assistance during an emergency. The insurance company does not expect you under the & # 39; drive to the nearest network hospital if you only break a leg or myocardial.

Medicare and some other domestic insurance policies provide no coverage outside the country. You should read the contract to make sure that the coverage provided in any country in which you can go.

Regular maintenance is rarely covered well, if you're traveling abroad. Your plan may not provide coverage of routine medical care, if we do not use the network of medical providers. This makes sense, because you usually can control or planning, if you need routine care.

Most of us are able to plan their vacations so that we do not need any routine medical care, while we are away from home. This is fortunate, because when we seek to use the no-network provider for routine care, most insurance plans won it, or did not win.

Some health insurance policies will cover the usual care when using the no-network providers with a larger share of the cost. This may not be coated at all. You will probably pay more for the service, if it is covered.

If you have the appropriate insurance medical care and you are comfortable, as it will be paid if you have an emergency, when you are outside the network, you may not need to buy a separate insurance policy for trips to cover the medical bills. Maybe there are other reasons why you might want an international travel insurance plan.

The insurer may be traveling more experience handling claims from outside the United States. For example, they will be more able to maintain correspondence in other languages.

International travel insurance plans will often be covered by an emergency evacuation. This means that if you can not get the help you need where you are, your policy may pay for your home, so you can get help.

travel insurance contracts are usually very inexpensive. This makes the idea of ​​digging your state insurance while staying abroad.

However, these plans should be used only as a temporary insurance that complements your regular coverage. Trying to save money by dropping health insurance coverage when traveling outside of the country can rise up against you.

When you return home, travel insurance plan will no longer cover you, and cover you for a short period after returning home. This means that in order to have health insurance after returning home, you will need to apply again. There is no guarantee that your old policy holder or any other company will perceive you as the insured.

Better to have a mediocre state health insurance than to have a lot of international health insurance, and potentially have coverage when you get home. Thus, usually kept reasonably normal health insurance while traveling abroad, whether you buy an international trip plan or not. If you cancel your contract if you are traveling abroad, the insurer may not have to provide you with insurance at the end of the trip.

Travel insurance – Trip cancellation and medical insurance

Most people really do not know what they are looking for in the insurance insurance, they just want something to take care of them if they can not make the trip with them, or if something happens during the trip. .

Trip cancellation and medical travel rules – this is the easiest type of insurance.

cancellation insurance allows travelers to cancel the trip at the last minute, without loosing all of the money they paid for the trip. Health insurance provides coverage if you are traveling abroad. Other plans cover emergency evacuation, the loss of your luggage, any delay in the trip.

Plans no traveler wants to think: the kidnapping and ransom coverage, sour death and dismemberment.

What is the cost of insurance of tourism? Tell me, you 40-year-old girl who went on a trip for a month. If you want health coverage for the amount of $ 100 000 to the calculation in the amount of $ 250, the premium would be about $ 100. For the cancellation of the trip, which does not require a franchise, you would pay a premium of about. $ 100 for the trip, which would have cost you $ 3,000. If you are going to spend $ 5000 on a trip, the prize will be about 168 dollars.

Given the situation in the world, you can add coverage of war and terrorism. There is a prize that is won – is not cheap.

Choosing insurance tracks depends on what kind of person you are and where going to go.

People up to 50 years are likely to buy health insurance. Usually buy trip cancellation plans for older travelers.

For example, in Europe, you may not need travel insurance, where the quality of medical care in the United States. But some politicians, such as emergency evacuation may be worth exploring for some types of travel.

If you decide to travel, you risk losing your luggage, canceled flights, cancel the booking, theft and many other situations that can cause anxiety.

If you are planning a vacation, it is hard enough without having to worry about what a vacation is something bad. Buying insurance track guarantees you compensation if your holiday is something goes wrong.

Traveling abroad? Get medical insurance of foreign citizens

You are planning to travel abroad? Take an international health insurance for travel!

When traveling abroad, we, as a rule, put your favorite clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and strong things, but forget to bring the most important thing in the first place; our medical insurance scheme. While most of us do not realize the importance of this very scanty, but good things, where others just do not care.

Every year, thousands of people have to go abroad for their work, study, etc., and, unfortunately, they are exempt from the provisions of the health of the nation, when they & # 39 are expatriates. Unforeseen problems, anyone, any person may face health, and if you do not have any insurance plan, you may have to give their savings and carry these uncertain costs. So it is always advisable to take the appropriate measures.

Taking international medical travel insurance would be a good option to take before traveling abroad, because it covers almost all of your health and the costs associated with travel. In addition, these insurance plans take care of huge medical bills and health expenses.

International medical travel insurance scheme even include coverage against loss of baggage, theft, etc.

Before you choose a specific export insurance plan, you should remember the following things:

• Select the label insurance plan
• Know your insurance coverage scheme.
• The exact cost of your insurance plan
• Services related to the scheme of health insurance of foreign nationals
• Timely Service

There are detailed insurance plans that are tailored to the specific requirements of all. For example, there are various travel insurance scheme for foreign nationals. This type of insurance has been planned for people who, for various reasons, often have to be abroad. You should always turn to an expert insurance agent or expert to get appropriate medical insurance for the evacuation.

Often people think that insurance take only those who seek to get sick. However, it forgets the fact that at any moment can be a health problem. Poor health will never give you a preliminary call, and then have to understand! Thus, it would be wise to take measures to end and prevent this decline. Taking insurance scheme, of course, apt to make a decision during a trip abroad.

Thus, if you take out health insurance for foreign nationals?

Top 6 destinations in the Asian health tourism

We quickly look at the major Asian destinations for recreational travel. This will give you a brief overview of what is available, and give a starting point for deeper studies.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – a special administrative region of the Republic of China, which is allowed to retain a high degree of autonomy in all internal matters, such as the economy and culture. SAR maintains its standard medical treatment of his century residence in the colony of the British Crown. In its 12 private hospitals accredited by the British QHA Trent, and some have dual accreditation with JCI. The costs are quite low and maintained at 20-23% of US spending as a result of government policy. Medical Alliance government has made a concerted effort to enhance the role of the medical tourism industry in Hong Kong. Currently, about 7% of beds are filled with patients of medical tourists, the percentage of which is growing rapidly. To stay up to 180 days a visa is required.


India – the main party of medical tourism, which welcomes more than one million medical tourists a year in 2010. Unlike many countries, India offers a wide range of medical services with a focus on heart surgery, joint replacement, bone marrow transplantation and other advanced procedures. . Currently, 10 major hospitals in India have received JCI accreditation, and the Government of India is actively encouraging international accreditation, and improving medical infrastructure problems that currently hinder the pace of growth of medical tourism. Medical costs in India & # 39 are among the lowest in the world at 10-20% of the US rate. India – the most populous democracy in the world, has a healthy economy and covers a huge geographical and cultural diversity. Visas are required for entry, but they are relatively easy to obtain.


Malaysia will soon be welcomed almost a million medical tourists a year to its shores. The country is largely English-speaking, and medical facilities are subject to strong internal organization accreditation – Malaysian Society for Quality in Health. In addition to the national accreditation, many of the best hospitals of Malaysia and strive for international accreditation. Medical institutions are concentrated largely in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Medical costs are on average about 25% of those in the US, depending on the number of incorrect exchange rates on rynggit. Medical services extend from the initial cosmetic surgery procedures to a more serious & # 39; oznyh ailments.


Republic of the Philippines, consisting of thousands of wonderful tropical islands, growing as a destination for medical tourism by about 8% a year. There are strong cultural, economic and political ties between the Philippines and the US, which could increase the role of the Philippines as a medical tourism destinations. A large proportion of the American health care workers was trained in the Philippines, which reflects the strong tradition of medical education and culture. The Philippine Government has set a target to attract about 750,000 medical tourists a year, which is likely unattainable. Medical costs in the Philippines, on average, about 20-25% of the price in the United States.


Singapore is considered to be the best healthcare system in Asia and one of the best in the world. Long active area of ​​medical tourism (about a million medical tourists a year!), Provision of medical services to international patients with a & # 39 is the main purpose shmatfirmovaga state-industry partnership. Medical tourists come from all over Asia as well as from around the world. Medical expenses are not the lowest, are about one-third of US rates, but Singapore's reputation as a clean, safe and cosmopolitan city-state, which is widely spoken in English, makes for a lot of extra costs. An increasing number of Singaporean hospitals are internationally accredited. Since 2006, more than a dozen of accreditations JCI. A permanent climate of tropical forests causes Singapore delight in all seasons.


Thailand – perhaps the most active area of ​​medical tourism, which annually receives about two million medical travelers. In only one hospital in 2005 treated more than 50 000 US patients with an average price of about 30% of the US health system. Almost in Thailand you can put almost any medical procedure. Although many Thai doctors and nurses are in the US and UK trained and tested these professional certificates, the Thai government does not emphasize the role of international accreditation of their hospitals. However, some of the best private hospitals accredited JCI.

How journey helps your health?

From time to time almost everyone from time to time feel that their normal became a track and you need a little escape, to reduce stress, anxiety and thus improve personal health and well – being. One great way to do this – to make regularly, JOURNEY and avoid positive. It is more about how to enjoy life to the full & # 39; volume, and not all the time, focus and worry, a work schedule and daily routine. Keeping in mind, this article will attempt to examine, consider, consider and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, what opportunities and advantages in this mood and behavior can be in terms of how to make you happier. and healthier.

1. thoughts: Start with your personal thought processes. If a person is traveling and avoids stress and tension, worries and responsibilities every day, he must first do everything possible to clear his mind and to live now. If someone does this, usually invigorates and animates it, in a positive, refreshing way!

2. reasoning; Background: By adjusting your attitude and attention and transforming their thinking to make themselves more calm and comfort, its rationale, it becomes your friend instead of a potential enemy!

3. relationships; note: Something that we pay attention and often to set priorities, determines whether we deal with a positive, can – do, to put in place a negative, problem-oriented! Our focus, often need some adjustments, and take some time to rest, as a rule, cost-effective!

4. views; value; value; life force: Examine your personal views and strive for greater vitality. Will you undertake to maintain attention to your best value, not to go some way of least resistance? We often seek to take themselves for granted, and it is important to appreciate what we have and / or their personal potential. It often becomes a difficult task, because we are doing so related to our daily stress and struggle. Sometimes, going, it helps to relieve the discomfort! Travel must increase our personal vitality in a personal, complete, motivational alright!

5. pleasure: Would not it be more profitable to you, if you are aiming for personal enjoyment, and not just fall into a rut, making you less satisfied?

6. You are at: In order to cope with obstacles and problems that may create a less than optimal level of balance, this means focusing on how to do things, what level you are and make yourself feel better and more personally fulfilled!

Give yourself care without taking time out JOURNEY. I do not want you to be the best possible, maybe?