Tips for traveling to Russia

Russia is becoming increasingly popular with tourists thanks to its rich cultural heritage and popular cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you plan to or are going on a trip to Russia, then we suggest that you consider a few of these travel tips.

Meet Russian

Read Russian before you visit it to learn about the country. To give you some understanding of Russia covers nine time zones and with the & # 39 is the largest country in the world with landscapes, depending on the frozen tundra in Siberia and endless wheat fields and pine forests of central Russia to the Caucasus mountains and palm trees. in the south. According to the last census in Central Russia, which also includes Moscow, the population was about 140 million. It is the most densely populated area.


Be sure to check that there are, and what not to eat before heading to Russia. The country is not a major & # 39; oznyh health threats and cases of food poisoning – the most common problem. Most of the recommendations are advised to avoid buying kebabs on the stands, especially at railway stations, and tourists are also advised to be wary of dairy products. Tap water is safe to drink after boiling in Moscow, but tourists are advised to drink bottled water everywhere; also recommended to avoid ice cubes and using bottled water for brushing teeth.


Russia – an impressive country, and its price. The large cities of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg St. Petersburg, as well as the majority of well-known European cities, is very expensive. On the outskirts of major cities, you'll find cheaper restaurants and housing. Vacationers are recommended to hand over Russian rubles before the trip, but there are ATMs of local banks, such as Sberbank, and international, such as HSBC and Citibank across Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Paying anything, retailers in Russia prefer to pay in cash, but credit cards are usually accepted, and travelers can still pay traveler's checks.


Before you go to Russia, you should know some Russian etiquette. If you are on a business trip and run late, panic is not necessary, as this is considered normal, often because of the terrible traffic in Moscow. If you are offered a drink, it is considered rude not to accept it, especially for men. Some tour guides also say that Russian men are often only shake the man when they met, so women traveling with their husbands, should be prepared to see that their husband's hand patsiskaetstsa, not theirs. The Russians also like to dress up almost wherever they go, so you may need to pack some fancy clothes for the trip.

Traveling pets: information for people who want to go on vacation with their dogs

Have you ever went on holiday, despair, why you left your pet at home? Seeing that on this holiday, there are other people with their dogs. Now many people like to go on vacation with their dogs, and so you can! Just pay attention to these things before you decide to take your furry friend with you on holiday.

Is your pet is traveling with you? Many dogs love to travel with their owners, but it is not right for every dog. To travel happily and safely, your dog needs to be healthy, able to cope with the new conditions, should be trained and enjoy traveling. A dog that is stressed, does not like to travel, and will not let you enjoy it and cause trouble. Happy and well behaved dog, on the contrary, will make you a pleasant journey.

What are your plans for the holiday? All pet owners love their dogs, and it is very difficult to leave the dog back in time to the feast, even if it is in their best interest. However, if you have planned activities that are not part of your dog, or you are planning to visit the places where it is not welcome pets – then it is best you call a trusted family member & # 39; and or friends and ask them to keep the dog for you in your absence, or you can hire a caretaker for pets, or contact the kennel boarding. But if you are planning a vacation on the lake or a long walk on the road, you can take the dog with him.

How do you plan to go? – A lot of people who travel with their pets, drive their own cars and not for nothing, so they can check their dogs. But if you go thorough the aircraft, you have to leave your dog alone for a while, as he will fly to Georgia, where you won, you can not check it.

What are the rules for pets on the cruise line? – on the pet policy is different for each cruise itinerary, so when you make a reservation, check the rules of the animals of this ship. You need to ensure that they allow the dog is in the cabin there is an additional fee if you maintain more than two dogs.

All these things are necessary, and you need to pay attention to them when traveling with your dog. Do not forget to clean the dog, so many cruises will appreciate you for it again and welcome you. Enjoy traveling with your furry friend!

Rest in Australia

Australia – a wonderful place to stay for both business travelers and leisure. He is different in that a & # 39 is the sixth largest country and the smallest continent in the world. Australia – a land of world famous cities such as Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth. It is also a place that offers an incredible variety of flora and fauna. From the mountains to the ocean, you can experience the sights and sounds, which you can witness anywhere else on earth. For tourists who visit Australia, here are some important points to remember:

distance: Preparing for the trip, remember that Australia is about the same size as the 48 neighboring US states, and is as big as Western Europe. Sydney – it is a long day from Brisbane and Melbourne, and travel from Perth to Sydney can take almost a week. The cheapest and most popular way to travel to Australia – is to drive yourself. Flying can be very expensive due to limited competition, and should be avoided if you do not press the clock.

Weather & # 39; e: If in the Northern Hemisphere & # 39; summer and winter in Australia is going through southern hemispheres & # 39; I, and vice versa. The hottest period in Australia – from November to March, while the average winter – July and August. Vacationers who visit Australia should keep in mind that, in contrast to the Northern Hemisphere & # 39; I, the farther you will travel south to Australia colder. The most common months for a trip to Australia – from September to October, when the usually cool enough to visit Ayer Rock (Uluru), warm enough to go to the beach in the southern states, and rain and humidity will no longer be; do not come to Port Douglas, Cairns and Top End (although until October gets very hot). It is also time to see wildflowers in full prosperity in Western Australia.

Health and safety: Those who travel to Australia, do not have to worry too much about their health and well-being. The country has high hygienic standards, modern hospitals and well-trained dentists and doctors. Due to the large distances can sometimes be far from a physician or medical facility, but help is always available thanks to the Flying Doctor Royal. However, travelers are advised to take out medical insurance for travel, before heading out.

Accommodation options: Accommodation for holidays in Australia caters to every budget and taste. Options Options & # 39; iruyutstsa from budget hostels to five-star luxury resorts and hotels. Major cities and the capital can boast as the boutiques and conventional hotels. In the capital cities usually also have apartments for self-catering.

Keeping in mind the above information, you are sure to go around Australia with maximum pleasure and minimum fuss. Thus, you now have a good reason to start your journey to Australia.

What protection provincial plan while traveling outside of Canada?

Medical Emergency from the budget can be extremely overwhelming and can be so severe. Especially if you are traveling with family & # 39; and her friends, or in the important business trip, only to find out that your provincial health insurance does not cover medical expenses; such a nightmare!

Provincial health insurance plans cover only some help only to a certain extent, and this depends on the degree of service that would have been spent in your home province. The rest you have to pay for you, and it is the tricky part, because it will be very expensive, especially if you are outside of their country. Here useful insurance medical insurance.

Travel insurance with a & # 39 is a response to the addition of the provincial plan of protection and thus ensure full coverage in emergencies, sudden illness and accidents during the holiday outside of Canada. Also can be provided services such as rapid hospitalization, medical fees, medical services, emergency medical transportation, health monitoring and other related services.

In order for you to be eligible for coverage in your provincial health plan, most of the Canadian provinces require a minimum number of days that should be carried out in the province each year. In Ontario, you have to stay for at least 153 days in the province during the 12-month period, which should be covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. In Alberta, the minimum number of days of stay, required to stay is 183 days for the 12-month period to be eligible for aid under the provincial health insurance plan; It is the same with most other Canadian provinces.

Did you know that traveling to other provinces in Canada may require travel insurance to cover you? In Canada, there are a number of provinces and districts where you can find yourself uncovered; The provincial health plan has a number of exceptions. Items that do not fall under consideration include medicines, designed in consultation, dental services in certain cases and circumstances, the costs associated with a family member delivery & # 39; and to a sick person on the bed, out-patient services for transportation in the best institutions, the cost of car return, rental of household appliances, such as chairs, crutches, braces and the like, as well as living expenses of the satellite.

This means only one thing: the purchase and provision of health insurance themselves at the check-out – it is a necessity, whether you are traveling or you are from Canada.

Travel as much as you can: break the dullness of life

We are all tired of the monotony of our everyday existence. Going to work, go home exhausted and ready for the next day again and again, tired, gently. The only break you get from the repetition of everyday life, a holiday in an exotic faraway place. So it is not very surprising if you book flights to a destination that you have always wanted to visit, and if you get international flights, it seems that you have won the lottery. This is why the journey and break every now and then can truly be useful to you.

Your mind stays sharp
Travel to exciting place can keep his mind and strengthen your brain health. Preparation of the brain to the new environment and unusual experiences improves concentration and memory.

This gives you some time
Going into the adventure, you can get your life back in the respiratory space that you deserve to regain your peace of mind and tranquility. You can spend time with people you love, and it's a great stress reliever.

It contributes to your mental and physical health
Instead of having to sit day after day watching TV or laptop, the journey gives you so needed exercise and activities that make your body go. Physical movement itself reduces feelings of depression, blood pressure and minimizes the risk of heart disease.

It supports your creative juices
If you are expecting to inspiration or motivation you impressed, try to go on a vacation in an exotic place. It iskryvae synapses in the brain and increases the level of your creativity. The better you will be to adapt to new cultures and the environment, the more creative you will be.

You catch strange flights
People prefer to carry out their expedition, reaching the travel destination by air. This is faster and very convenient. International flights to help you save considerably and even get interesting offers. You do not have to worry too much about the cost of the aircraft, if you wish to carry out the trip.

It keeps you happy
If you interact with the locals, they are friendly and hospitable, you feel refreshed and in good spirits. You may find that your own problems are less important, if you are familiar with the fact that experienced by people of different races, nationalities and places.

This broadens your perspective
While traveling, you expand your perspective and more open to the world, and even to themselves. Travel puts you in situations that you will encounter in real life, and so you have to live out of your comfort zone. This allows you to look at life through a different perspective.

Tips for parents studying abroad

Your son or daughter decided to take advantage of studying in a foreign country. This is a very useful and exciting opportunity for your child. However, you and your husband may cause the load of anxiety, stress, anxiety and uncertainty. While studying abroad is popular among American students, their parents often think the worst, while their children are hundreds of miles away, whether it be for a few weeks or a semester.

Be sure to keep the line of communication between you and your child. Your son or daughter may feel a great sense of independence, since he is in a completely separate from your country. However, it is important to tell your child that you need to communicate frequently. Mobile phones work differently when you are abroad. Find out what would be best for your child. personal cell phone will be cheaper to bring your child and buy international phone card? Would you prefer him or her to buy an international phone? Will you talk to through video chat on their laptops or interrupts sending emails? Is there a way to be able to call each other, unable to endure high bills – it should discuss and plan ahead of time. Give your child know that you still want to be updated by e-mail or web-chat, so he can tell you about your day. By doing this, your child will think that you just very exciting and seeks to be aware that he or she did and learned. In reality, however, even though you're interested, you really just want to hear from them, to know that they are safe and healthy!

There are two aspects of the travel safety, you should discuss with their son or daughter. First revise any brochures that your child might get a training program abroad and the country in which he or she will learn. Training programs are often abroad give students tips on travel safety, which warn them of thieves and people who pick pocket and specifically target the tourists. Look at any program material relating to security.

The second safety aspect to consider – your child's health. Ask him or is included in the health insurance costs of students studying abroad. If not, you should suras & # 39; ozna consider buying an insurance plan, such as health insurance US study. Medical insurance of US students studying abroad may be required, depending on where your student is learning. In addition, health coverage will help cover the costs of any possible medical assistance he may need to get abroad.

If there is no such thing as a universal health care or some medicine, which is funded by public funds, medical bills without insurance can cost thousands of dollars, and you and your child will be fully responsible for paying the entire cost of these accounts. Therefore, if your child needs medical attention or he needs to visit the hospital or doctor, for whatever reasons, it is very important to have a plan for how the US health insurance study.

Global health insurance for the security and protection of your favorite

If you for some reason have never left their home country, probably you never heard of global medical insurance, but it's important if you ever travel.

Basic health situation and the minor problems that require medical care abroad may not apply to policies in your country.

If you are reading a newspaper or watching TV, you know that a lot can happen, if you are traveling around the world. Terorystychnyya conspiracy to kidnap and damage to the world's travelers are well fixed and the mechanical failures of transit vehicles are too often locked in the news. Go abroad for any reason can be dangerous.

Global health insurance is not new, but people hardly think until needed. If you suddenly for any reason need to & # 39; to leave the country, you can apply for and obtain a protective coating immediately over the Internet and print the insurance card to the printer.

Take some time to figure out what type of coverage you need, before you apply, because there are many different additions and exclusions that you should take into consideration. You can get a policy that may include important items, such as terrorist attacks, death and dismemberment, kidnapping and many other situations.

It is possible that something could happen to you at any time travel. This is especially true of certain foreign countries. If you check online, you will find policies that can be effective for one day, for three months or more. You only pay for the time you are traveling and you choose the coverage options that you feel are most important for your protection and your family & # 39; and.

If you are a & # 39; Ride of the country for any reason, consider the coverage of the world of health insurance for the time you'll be home.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance provides protection against problems with travel, such as travel expenses for rest of adverse events such as cancellation and interruption. It also compensates for medical expenses, loss of property and damage to the transit. Travelers are compensated if they have to cancel or interrupt the trip; they will also be covered if they need urgent medical assistance, evacuation and other situations.

The main categories that cover travel insurance, with the & # 39 are the delay and cancellation, including folding, medical reasons, including health and medical reasons, medical evacuation. It also pays if the traveler's death in a plane crash, common carriers and accidental death. The last category – the loss of or damage to personal effects, such as loss of luggage, damage to the car and assistance services. The cost of insurance for travel is based on the amount of travel and trip values. You can buy travel insurance in a travel agent or tour operator.

Travel insurance is designed to compensate for everything that can go wrong if you are visiting. It covers all things: canceling the trip and lost luggage. Before from & # 39 porch on vacation, make sure that you have adequate insurance. Sometimes vacations are worth thousands of dollars, so it is important to have adequate insurance coverage. There are four main types of travel insurance. The first – trip cancellation insurance, which compensates you money if the cruise line or tour operator will not work. It will also provide coverage if you have to cancel your trip due to illness, death in the family & # 39; and or other disaster listed in the policy. The second – the insurance of luggage or personal belongings that provide coverage if your personal belongings lost, stolen or damaged during the trip. Emergency medical assistance is provided by the insurance and medical assistance to travelers. This will be covered if you have to climb the mountain because of skiing or hiking, or if you have a long time to be in a foreign hospital. It will also provide cover if you & # 39 Sur; ozna sick or injured and need to be brought home. Last – insurance against accidental deaths, which provides a variety of coverage if you or a family member of the & # 39; and dies on the trip. If other financial regulations you have a good life insurance plan or provide for your loved ones this can be a duplication of insurance.

There are several insurance providers that offer insurance to suit your needs. You can contact them directly and enter them websites.

The reasons that you can not travel without insurance

You may think that you have packed everything right and everything is ready for your upcoming trip, but, unfortunately, you do not. Peramottse back and see what you missed amid the noise and excitement of the trip.

Unfortunately, a lot of hard-core for the first time travelers underestimate the value of travel insurance. You will always witness travelers who justify their decision, claiming that it is only an additional expense of travel, which can be easily avoided if there are so many.

Simply put, if you think you can not afford travel insurance, you're just not ready to travel. There are various advantages of buying insurance coverage. Let's see what the total insurance coverage.

1. Evacuation and Emergency

Even if you consider yourself to be fully fit to travel, adversity can always be a part of your trip. Because they can sometimes be extremely difficult, it is better to be prepared for any such circumstances. You, unfortunately, can get into an accident. Since the treatment is not always available, you need to coordinate medical evacuation. This can often turn into a nightmare if you are in a foreign land, where everything seems a stranger. Buying travel insurance, you do not have to worry about it. A typical type of cover evacuation, emergency dental care and medical expenses.

2. cancellations

They also often come in a package, despite the fact they do not want visitors. Life sometimes can be very unpredictable. You may be happy to plan your trip in a month. Perhaps all may go well. However, imagine that you are suffering from bad or a very close relative dies. Since you will not be able in addition to trip cancellation, incur any financial loss would be grief. Your program of travel insurance would cover it and improve your pain well.

3. Personal belongings

In the modern world is a sad truth that many of us care more about their personal identity, than about health. That's why buying travel insurance can seem very attractive to travelers. In case of insurance you will have to worry less the next time you or your baggage is late replacement. Imagine that you had lost her purse on the tour of the famous site, and along with it will lose insulin and prescription. Because you need immediate access to him, insurers will help you in urgent requirements.

4. Personal responsibility

We are all prone to endless mistakes, especially when we least expect it. In this case, a third party can create a lot of chaos for injuries or damages caused by you. If you accidentally cause harm to a person or their property, your insurance benefits will move loss in your place.

It is most often a & # 39 is the most difficult point of insurance and it must be understood deeply before you agree to any such measure.

So next time you find that your plans will be strange to take the time to introduce a few situations.

What happens if you have a life time on a beach holiday, when suddenly comes a hurricane, and you should as soon as possible to evacuate?

What would you do if a foreign trip will steal your wallet and passport? Or even worse, your airline goes bankrupt. Since the costs are non-refundable, how do you get help?

Travel Insurance – 5 Tips to avoid large accounts abroad

Nowadays, travelers are usually more experienced about the importance of obtaining insurance coverage prior to the visit. Most travel is likely to take place effectively, but for some reason there is a chance, as well as the risk to destroy the much-needed rest.

A number of road accidents and difficulties prevailed in the news a few years earlier, and the importance of travel insurance coverage, as well as knowledge of your privileges, in any case, was not significantly greater in individual minds. Here are some tips on which you can think twice before to plan your next trip:

offer number 1 – Make sure that the travel cover policy covers all of your planned activities

Not only all the activities usually covered all the recommendations below, so it's really important. If you go on vacation again and you decide to engage in the fresh air to those enabled, you can find them if you do not shoot a single coat for the trip. However, beware of road surfaces, which served inexpensive, or arise as a motivation, because the amount of coverage decreased – or positive balance (total amount that you spend on the requirement). Your travel policy coverage will include a summary of the critical activities such as elephant trekking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc. In no case do not judge that all is actually protected automatically!

Council absolutely not. 2 – Make sure your plan includes a sufficient number of health care, liability and legal costs

If you chose a terrible mistake in the abdomen, it may call you to the hospital. If you go and break a leg or get a significant injury, it can cause a very large medical costs. If a person has a problem with another person, you can be held responsible, as well as to bear the legal costs. If the injury will lead to medical repatriation to create you in an atmosphere of emergency medical care, the requirement of additional seats near the aircraft and / or medical support can cost you a lot of money. Your consulate and even the airline does not cover these costs. Someone has to pay the same as – without insurance – that someone is a man or your own without knowing loved ones or family members & # 39; and.

As well as adequate insurance for the travel and health, always make sure that your plan includes air ambulance and medical repatriation. This is really vital.

Payment for emergency assistance, which creates you in the UK to destinations can potentially cost more money alone, and include a staggering 50,000 pounds in the US! If it is necessary, in order to fly home on a stretcher with medical satellite, the cost of nearby places really rest can be almost because it is financially risky.

Council absolutely not. 3 – Get yourself a European health card health insurance

If you live in an EU country and therefore are coming to Europe, consult this free medical European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and make it to the man. Depending on the country, it gives you the right to free and compulsory, or even reducing the cost of the crisis processes on a unified basis, as a citizen of this country, in the civil service (in fact, not private). EHIC should not be used instead of a travel insurance coverage, but it can save a large amount of cost and inconvenience, if you get yourself hurt or sick while traveling. You have to realize how EHIC is not covered by anything other than medical emergencies. It does not cover repatriation to the UK and even the costs of emergency medical care. You will need a travel insurance to cover a number of difficulties in traveling, such as a medical emergency, a permanent cure, lost luggage, missed flights, scheduled flight, and so on.

Council absolutely not. 4 – Study your options!

Studies show that a couple of people actually take time to learn the laws of the neighborhood, as well as the customs of the destination country before you call them. Awareness associated with potential problems, it can save a lot of expenses, as well as grief. For example, if you understand the rules, in which your country is for any adult traveling with the child? Do you know any non-prescription medicines you can and can not legally import into the country? What are the basic rules of the road to move abroad? Buying a good guide on the journey or even invested time reviewing the advice of travel on the Internet, for example, foreign jobs site can help you avoid falling victim of fraud or arrested or even fined for breach of local laws. just did not know.

offer number 5 – Take the Consulate / Embassy of attention, as well as the amount of fast

Before people are traveling, why do not you have programmed crisis number on your mobile phone and additionally supported their e-mail together with a paper paperwork. The presence of the sum for the adjacent emergency providers, programmed on your mobile phone, can save time in case the thief or accident – and save lives. Think about registering with a foreign workplace & # 39; Find & # 39; support to allow higher power to help you in case of an emergency situation (or your own government is equal to). Their assistance in contact with friends and relatives will be very useful lifeline, if necessary, and will save you time, aggravation and expense.

Time for you to be experienced travelers but savvy 1. Why not pass these pointers to their friends and relations. Shit to them to get insurance on traffic insurance and fulfill all that are able to protect themselves and avoid unnecessary and hefty bills for the trip.