India as a place for medical tourism

This article answers these questions that are buzzing in my head penetration, useful and relevant information on medical tourism on India! India has rapidly become a popular choice for many international patients seeking high-quality, timely and professional medical services and wellness programs with the available options offered to them from leading hospitals and clinics in […]

The European health insurance card and the value of travel insurance

An article posted on the website showed modern confusion about travel insurance. He stressed that over the last year three and a half million British holidaymakers traveling to Europe without covering travel, provided that only the European health insurance card provides proper coverage. So what exactly should a European health insurance card and how […]

Medical travel and the scene of cosmetic surgery in the Philippines

More and more people from around the world travel to other countries, not only as tourists who come for a tour and shopping, but also receive medical, dental and surgical services from hospitals and other healthcare sites. Medical Travel – is a rapidly growing industry with countries such as Cuba, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Israel, […]

Ways to protect yourself while traveling abroad

If you are traveling internationally, you are vulnerable in several respects. This gives you an incredibly powerful reasons to protect yourself during a trip abroad. Of course, many things are out of your control, but personal safety is essential when it comes to traveling in foreign countries. It is true that many people in this […]

health solutions for home – Polevanov B * Mobile Travel Mate for senior mobility

If style plus utility – your advantage, the 4-wheeled scooter Bladez B * MOBILE Travel mate can be an ideal scooter for mobility, home health! When it comes to mobility for persons with disabilities, this scooter is definitely a & # 39 is a loop among all other brands. What distinguishes Bladez B * Mobility […]

Why does your travel insurance claim may be denied

Travel – it is a good experience that you can have in a lifetime. Most travelers prefer to buy insurance travel insurance in order to be "safe and secure", if something goes wrong, or there is something unexpected. Before you buy travel insurance for customers is very important to first understand that the insurance does […]