How have you covered when working or studying outside Canada?

Sometimes it is inevitable for us to go abroad to study outside Canada or perhaps find a job. Wherever you are going to go, you need to prepare all these things: passport, visa requirements, important documents for study or work, a good camera and, of course, your health insurance is on the road.

Thus, medical travel insurance necessary in this list. Accidents and other medical emergencies can happen at any time and, more importantly, anywhere. Imagine that you have to undergo such tests in a different place for you; it can be so expensive and costly. Thousands of dollars can be spent from this terrible nightmare with no medical insurance coverage to protect you. You have the choice to prevent the materialization of these contingencies, and the protection and coverage that you get from the insurance medical insurance, could save a fortune.

Investing in the health insurance can be one of the best decisions you can make. Careless cases that can cause illness for you and your family & # 39; and may tempt you to debt. Only a portion of your bill will be covered by your provincial health plan. It also depends on your eligibility for provincial health insurance. It is important to know what is the extent of your cover, so you know what and how you are covered.

It is also important to purchase health insurance on road trips, if you are outside the country, as some hospitals have policies to prevent, if you have no insurance or money to pay for medical expenses. It's really cruel, but some just stick to strict compliance with hospital policies and standards. To avoid experiencing this dilemma, get medical insurance before traveling and flight outside Canada.

Be sure to consult with the provincial health plan to know how long you will be covered by a basic requirement (usually Var & # 39; iruetstsa three to six months). Also, make it possible to make an agreement on the future coverage if you see fit to do so.

Always carry a copy of a travel insurance policy with important phone numbers and the center of the company's customer support; You may need to call for 24 – 48 hours after an emergency. Do not forget to ensure all original invoices for submission to the provincial health insurance plan. Then overdue account together with the receipt or proof of payment must be submitted to your insurance company.

Upon arrival in the destination country take the time to find the nearest and most accessible hospital, clinic or medical center. Do not wait for an emergency, before you rush; Be ready always, constantly.

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