What protection provincial plan while traveling outside of Canada?

Medical Emergency from the budget can be extremely overwhelming and can be so severe. Especially if you are traveling with family & # 39; and her friends, or in the important business trip, only to find out that your provincial health insurance does not cover medical expenses; such a nightmare!

Provincial health insurance plans cover only some help only to a certain extent, and this depends on the degree of service that would have been spent in your home province. The rest you have to pay for you, and it is the tricky part, because it will be very expensive, especially if you are outside of their country. Here useful insurance medical insurance.

Travel insurance with a & # 39 is a response to the addition of the provincial plan of protection and thus ensure full coverage in emergencies, sudden illness and accidents during the holiday outside of Canada. Also can be provided services such as rapid hospitalization, medical fees, medical services, emergency medical transportation, health monitoring and other related services.

In order for you to be eligible for coverage in your provincial health plan, most of the Canadian provinces require a minimum number of days that should be carried out in the province each year. In Ontario, you have to stay for at least 153 days in the province during the 12-month period, which should be covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. In Alberta, the minimum number of days of stay, required to stay is 183 days for the 12-month period to be eligible for aid under the provincial health insurance plan; It is the same with most other Canadian provinces.

Did you know that traveling to other provinces in Canada may require travel insurance to cover you? In Canada, there are a number of provinces and districts where you can find yourself uncovered; The provincial health plan has a number of exceptions. Items that do not fall under consideration include medicines, designed in consultation, dental services in certain cases and circumstances, the costs associated with a family member delivery & # 39; and to a sick person on the bed, out-patient services for transportation in the best institutions, the cost of car return, rental of household appliances, such as chairs, crutches, braces and the like, as well as living expenses of the satellite.

This means only one thing: the purchase and provision of health insurance themselves at the check-out – it is a necessity, whether you are traveling or you are from Canada.

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