How have you covered when working or studying outside Canada?

Sometimes it is inevitable for us to go abroad to study outside Canada or perhaps find a job. Wherever you are going to go, you need to prepare all these things: passport, visa requirements, important documents for study or work, a good camera and, of course, your health insurance is on the road. Thus, medical […]

A Brief Introduction to travel insurance

What is travel insurance? In general terms, travel insurance protects all on holiday expenses against adverse events such as cancellation and interruption and also compensate for medical expenses, loss of property and damage to the transit. Travelers are compensated if they have to cancel or interrupt the journey, and they will be covered in the […]

Traveling pets: information for people who want to go on vacation with their dogs

Have you ever went on holiday, despair, why you left your pet at home? Seeing that on this holiday, there are other people with their dogs. Now many people like to go on vacation with their dogs, and so you can! Just pay attention to these things before you decide to take your furry friend […]

What protection provincial plan while traveling outside of Canada?

Medical Emergency from the budget can be extremely overwhelming and can be so severe. Especially if you are traveling with family & # 39; and her friends, or in the important business trip, only to find out that your provincial health insurance does not cover medical expenses; such a nightmare! Provincial health insurance plans cover […]