Popular locations for medical tourism

Medical tourists from different countries travel for health in those countries, which have high-quality health care at reasonable prices. Therefore, they spend extra money on travel, medical care and accommodation at the place of treatment. Medical tourism – old concept because thousands of years ago people traveled for medical purposes or for spiritual treatments to […]

Medical Travel – the precautions to be taken

In India there are fewer rules relating to health, which apply to foreign tourists. These rules are more a matter of prevention, than anything else. * WHO website for international travelers. * WHO India yellow fever Any person (including infants), arriving in the air or sea without a certificate may contain isolation for up to […]

If you buy an international health insurance for travel?

Your health insurance is likely to cover medical expenses if you are an international holiday. However, you can still buy a contract by contract a travel insurance, because it can offer benefits if your regular health insurance policy won & # 39; t. Most contracts for medical insurance covers you in case of emergencies, no […]

Travel insurance – Trip cancellation and medical insurance

Most people really do not know what they are looking for in the insurance insurance, they just want something to take care of them if they can not make the trip with them, or if something happens during the trip. . Trip cancellation and medical travel rules – this is the easiest type of insurance. […]

Traveling abroad? Get medical insurance of foreign citizens

You are planning to travel abroad? Take an international health insurance for travel! When traveling abroad, we, as a rule, put your favorite clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and strong things, but forget to bring the most important thing in the first place; our medical insurance scheme. While most of us do not realize the importance […]