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Milan – a beautiful city in Italy. In addition to the popular tourist destination, it is also a hot spot for fashion, business, arts and music. Tourist attractions here include the museums, castles, cathedrals, universities and libraries. You will find a sufficient number of public and private hospitals in the city. In case of emergency you can call the Red Cross at the number 3883.

If you need medical care while visiting Milan clinic in Milan, is a good choice for you. Complete health care organization that offers a full range of medical facilities for the whole family & # 39; and English-speaking doctors and nurses in the clinic. Location of clinic – 25 by Servier, Milan. The hospital also offers advice on vaccination for those traveling abroad.

Hospital in San Rafael was founded in 1969. The hotel, which is in the hospital include clinical, diagnostic and surgical services. In San Rafael you will also find a fully equipped emergency room and intensive care unit. The focus of this hospital is on the holistic treatment. Therefore, the hospital staff take care of the biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of treatment. The hospital also carried out scientific medical studies.

Currently, the Clinical Institute San Siro is in the process of modernization and upgrading. The hospital focuses on orthopedic surgery. The hospital under examination for arthroscopic knee surgery, reconstructive surgery and sports injuries.

Located in the city center, a nursing home in Madonnina – a hospital that is known to provide world-class medical services. The clinic provides many health services and has a team of dedicated medical professionals. The hospital operates around the clock, and in the event of an emergency you can easily get medical care at any time. The convenience of the hospital includes operating rooms, maternity hospitals, and excellent diagnostic services. Address hospitals Quadronno number.

Centro Cardiologico Monzino – hospital dedicated to providing assistance in the field of modern cardiology. This hospital, founded by Professor Cesare Bartareli, associated with the University of Milan and & # 39; integrates research and education with clinical practice to provide patients with the best medical care. The hospital offers the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Kapitanio Lasso di Cura-privat – a charitable institution run by the Congregation of Sisters Santa Bartolamea Kapitanio and Vicente Gerasim. In hospital you can contact if you are looking for good and reliable services, which will not cost too much. It is a hospital with multiple specialties. Address Hospital is across the city Mercan, 30 – 20122 Milan, phone numbers (02) 58-389-1.

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