Major developers of Ethereum have quite unexpectedly announced that the Long-Term Reviewed Software Evidence (ProgPoW) will be implemented as part of a difficult fork ahead of the planned update to Berlin. This once again divided the society into different camps of thought.

Two years after its offer, criticized by many Ethereum developers, ProgPoW arrives on Ethereum. Key developers agreed to adopt EIP 1962 (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) last Friday, which will bring additional cryptographic features, likely in June 2020, with ProgPoW Solid Fork followed by three weeks later in July 2020. Mining new algorithm.

Recall that there is a constant fear of cryptocurrency re-centralization, which some believe may be an extension of ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chips that can increase cryptocurrencies more effectively than GPUs (graphics processing units) and processors (central processing). Units), but which are also so expensive that just about everyone The big companies are able to manage them. According to the Ethereum team’s decision, they agreed to resist ASIC mining hardware after testing the proposed code, effectively blocking the use of ASIC chips in an upgraded version called ProgPoW and replacing it with GPU hardware so that GPU mining remains competitive.
Meanwhile, EIP 1057 related to ProgPow states that the aim is to “counteract the centralization of PoW [proof of work] so that these coins cannot be so easily manipulated by several players.” The proposal adds that the algorithm is not backward from the existing Etash, that it requires a fork for adoption, and that the network hash will be halved “because it has twice as much memory.

On the other hand, there are many developers and ETH supporters who fear that this could lead to an exchange of two versions of Ethereum, with an old and new mining algorithm, which means that the two blockchain chains are split by different mining rules. Other reasons against it include the idea that major developers have too much power, as well as not wanting to “catch the mark from a chain that is difficult to lock against the wishes of the majority of its users,” as Martin Gopel, founder and creator of OpenEthereum, says Martin Kopelman. .


Top 5 Asian countries in which there are good hospitals

Medical tourism brings people to places, and the best thing is that they benefit when they receive treatment from the best doctors and open more options for treatment. Most medical tours are now budgeted. You go for what you can afford and still get the best of the industry. There are countries that are most known for their hospitals and medical treatment. Below is a list of Asian countries, in which there are good hospitals in the world.
1. Malaysia: It is located in Southeast Asia and its capital – Kuala Lumpur. Treatment proposed Malaysian hospitals, – an anti-aging, baryyatrychnaya surgery, cardiology, cosmetic or plastic surgery, oncology, dermatology, neurology, orthopedics and others. Treatment is expensive and affordable.
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They offer great hospitality, and recreation benefits are many, as there are many places for tourists because it is surrounded by places such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. It has some of the best trained surgeons, dentists and specialists. In English is widely spoken in Malaysia. About 600,000 medical tourists visited Malaysia, and their number continues to grow. Medical Center Prince Cristo – one of the most famous and popular Malaysian hospitals, and also ranked first in 2013. A giant network of KPJ and Sime Darby – other hospitals, which are famous among hundreds of others.
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2. India: It is located in the south of Asia, and its capital with & # 39 is Delhi. He became known by the medical industry. It is widely known surgical bypass. Other treatments include oncology, vertebraplastyku, nukleaplastyku disk, laser lithotripsy and other methods of treatment of the spine, and other cancers. India is known rehabilitation center.
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It provides a variety of medical treatments, such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, allopathic etc. Treatments offered in India, with the & # 39 is the high-quality, safe and cost-effective. It is estimated that about 150,000 medical tourists traveling to India. Cities that offer treatment – Kerala, Chennai, Vellore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kaimbator and others. Known and well-known hospitals in India include hospital CT, Apollo Hospital, Memorial Hospital Pope, Fortsis hospital AyurvedaGram etc.
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3. Japan: It is an island country located in East Asia, and its capital with the & # 39 is Tokyo. They have nearly 20 years of investing in the health care industry and prescribe health insurance for every citizen of the country. It houses some of the best hospitals of the world and they are ahead of the technology. Although the cost of medical treatment is high, the treatment should be the price, as it is high-quality and safe.
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He created a brand image with its medical institutions, such as examination, diagnosis, treatment, care and aesthetic plastic surgery. It is known that most of the plastic surgery and dental care. Japanese water therapy – a natural way to cure diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. # 39; s International, etc.
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4. Singapore: It is located in Southeast Asia and a & # 39 is the capital of Asia. Medical tourism in Singapore is becoming more the center and becomes the main place for recreational trips to Asia. Every year it attracts about 200 000 patients in order to use the services of health care in some of the country’s best hospitals. Treatment in Singapore includes a laser spine surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, dental health care, stem cell transplantation, etc. Cancer treatment – the main specialty of Singapore. Famous Singapore hospital – Camden Medical Center, Mount Alwernia Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Glineglz Hospital, Parkway East Hospital, International Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, etc.
5. Thailand: It is located in Southeast Asia and its capital – Bangkok. Its share includes 90% of the medical tourism market in Asia. It is a known, reliable and high quality item for travel on public health. Hospitals in Thailand are well-equipped with the latest technology. The cost of treatment is available, and many doctors and physicians are certified and work best. Treatment in Thailand include cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, heart bypass, hip replacement, breast implantation, etc. Other hospitals in Thailand – a hospital group in Bangkok, Fort Suranare Hospital Samityzh hospital, laser vision, LASIK center in Thailand, etc.


Vale Do Lobo Portugal

The luxurious beach resort Vale do Lobo is located between Quint Do Lago and Vilamuray on the Algarve in southern Portugal. Vale do Lobo is a 20-minute drive from Faro airport, 15 minutes from Vilamoura and 25 minutes from Albufeira.

For this purpose built luxury resort descends through a beautiful valley lined with pine trees and Smakova strewn with beautiful lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of the Algarve. Moorish-style buildings with red roofs and bars with balconies add character and beauty of this exclusive village. Here are located mainly luxurious villas and elegant apartments, but there are several luxury hotels that cater to couples, seven & # 39; and and groups on holiday in golf. For sports enthusiasts there are two excellent golf courses, first class tennis academy with 14 courts, a health club and a riding school. For those who just want to relax and papachytstsa in the sun, there are three miles of pristine sandy beaches of golden sand backed by low red sandstone cliffs.

The Vale do Lobo has two magnificent golf courses with 18 holes. King’s famous 16th hole, where golfers must pass through two gullies on the precipice. Ocean course was designed by the late Sir Henry Cotton, and is much less complicated than the Royal, but still exciting course. There is also a large range of movement, to practice their swing before you try your hand at courses with 18 holes. Golfers will love the palm trees and almonds planted fairways that wind them to the sea.
Mastercard reaches out to cryptocurrency companies and encourages them to apply to become partners in its recently developed cryptocurrency card program.
On July 20, Mastercard announced that it would simplify access to its Accelerate program for cryptographic card issuers, allowing applicants to invite partners “within a few weeks.”

The Accelerate program, now enhanced for cryptocurrency applicants, supports partners in their market entry, continued growth, and international expansion.
In the heart of the resort is the health club Barryngtanav, which is often used international soccer teams and cricket teams. The club offers excellent facilities including indoor and outdoor pools, children’s pool, a health and fitness center, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, squash court, snooker, table tennis, restaurant and bars.

Restaurants and bars begin to operate in the evening with live music and a disco in the summer. The restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines, including local specialties and international cuisine. Many restaurants located on the seafront, with spectacular views of the Atlantic.

Golf – the main activity for most people to have direct holidays in Vale do Lobo, but there is what the whole family & # 39; and.
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No matter what you are looking for a break on the golf course, active sports break, summer holidays, the Easter break or a romantic getaway, there is always a lot of offers for travel available to the Portuguese Algarve across the Internet

How to buy insurance for travel?

A study of the insurance policy is often overstated, but a substantial part of any preparation for the holiday. Many summer residents, with the initial or second-hand experience of many nuances, which the market can throw the unsuspecting buyer nothing prefers to transmit it completely; Many residues are simply too many differences zagadkavana plans to be able to create a variant.

But the acquisition of some form of the plan before the trip is vital in order to protect themselves from any events that may occur during the trip. This is particularly important in the case of insurance policies trips to family vacations, since it includes children; the safety of their children from accidents and disease, of course, will be the main, as well as the center of most parents & # 39; minds, which makes the acquisition of such a policy paramount.

However, parents and guardians who have themselves in such a discharge, should not just choose the first kind of travel insurance for family breaks, that they may find. As in every detail in this field, it is important to do some research to find the most suitable among these options. Thus one of the most important aspects that need to be remembered with & # 39 is the destination, because visiting various parts of the world may require in terms not contain identical conditions.

Health and safety

Like any kind of holiday, the most important aspects to consider when buying travel insurance on a family vacation – is health and the health, especially where groups of young people are concerned. It is well known that most of the claims, whether effective or others revolve around health or physical accidents, as well as mother and father specifically want to make sure that these areas are covered.

It is therefore particularly important to study the localized space in which the holiday is to come. European or North American destinations may not be as dubious or existing there anything unusual, but the situation is changing, rather, if rest is planned for the east, Africa and even the Caribbean or South American place.

This is because, obviously, the types of diseases found on these continents and places significantly not the same as those found in the Old World, and therefore require special types of therapy. Thus, parents who want to reinsure their children should take this into account in the preparation of the plan right

What does it mean traveling and its advantages


People go abroad to see new places. This is called a journey. We do not like to stay in one place for long. We like to move from one place to another.

On the & # 39; objects journey

People do not always go with one goal. Some people travel to gain knowledge. Some of us go to healthy places for air change. Some people travel only for pleasure. Entrepreneurs are going to sell the business.


Traveling has many benefits. This is part of our education. Our education is incomplete without traveling. We can read a lot of places in our history. If we are able to visit these places, the study of history becomes interesting. We can remember a lot of things easily. We read about mountains, lakes, seas, waterfalls, etc. in our geography. How interesting when we see them with my own eyes. We read about men and things from around the world. Traveling to different corners of the world, we see new people and new things. We can learn a lot about the manners and customs of these people. Thus, we can get a lot of knowledge. Our narrowness of mind disappears. Eyes are open to new things. We can make our country a lot of good customs and manners. Many students in our country are going to England, Germany, America, Japan and other foreign countries to learn more. They come back and teach the people in the country. Thus our countrymen can gain the knowledge and the state of our country is improving.

Great people of our country to travel the country. People in these countries may have learned a lot about them. It's good for us. Many famous travelers of ancient times visited India. They left a valuable account of India. Reading these accounts, we can learn a lot about what is going on at the time.

Many people go to different places to improve your health. Their health can deteriorate. If they go in a healthy place, they can restore health. Traveling is also a source of pleasure for us. We see a new & # 39; sites and beautiful natural scenery. It fills the mind great enthusiasm.

Travel in modern times

In the past, travel was difficult. It was very difficult and dangerous. Yes, people in those days, not a lot of traveling. They traveled by boat or wagon or on foot. It also requires a lot of time. But now every day was easy to move from one place to another. Now a day we travel by steamer and railway trains. We save a lot of time. There is no danger to rob the road. So, at the moment a lot of people traveling to different corners of the country.

Cheap holiday insurance to travel – spend holidays in peace

Holding holiday at home in a foreign land with friends and family & # 39; it – an important part of our life because it gives you a nice fun, and also acts as rejuvenation for future work. Cheap travel insurance for the rest works as a tool that gives you this chance.

Cheap travel insurance on holiday does the job of protecting you in a foreign country, so you can spend a holiday away from all the stressful trips. You can never predict that, if the trip spent on vacation in a foreign country, would be the most disastrous moment in your life. Coating that provides cheap insurance on road trips, will help you live well in such circumstances and to return safely home after the holidays.

Cheap travel insurance covers the rest of you for the following:

Trip cancellation and trip interruption: This coating can protect the investment in the airline ticket. Some policies include coverage of terrorism and natural disasters.

The delay in the trip: this coverage compensates you for meals and hotel expenses if the trip is delayed.
Emergency Medicine and Medicine: cover the necessary emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling, so you do not have to strain on the health care costs that may occur in a foreign land.
Evacuation ambulance: it covers emergency medical evacuation assistance to the appropriate hospital or medical facility and includes transportation to return home when the medical validity.
Lost, stolen luggage and personal items: Expenses related to the items lost or stolen while traveling, including luggage, personal items, credit cards, passports and travel documents.
In addition to these coatings, if you pay an additional premium, you can also repair the damage from a third party, if by chance in a foreign country, you harm another person, and in this situation, your policy cheap insurance on road trip will cover it.

If you are planning for a vacation abroad and want to buy a cheap insurance policy is a guided tour, you can check it online. On the Internet you can compare different costs and coverage for low-cost insurance leisure tourism. Even if you have some confusion, you can instantly solve it online, and you can also get information on the web about how cheap insurance policy road trip best suited for your type of trip. Now what are you waiting for? Just be online and get the best cheap travel insurance policies for yourself to enjoy your favorite.

Options for travel and medical insurance

Perfect travel plans and health insurance can often alleviate the problems associated with travel abroad. Medical care may soon become very expensive, and it is sure to soon lay a financial burden on funding something & # 39; and. The introduction of the ideal travel insurance package before the move is well worth the time and effort.

It is important to consider all aspects of the insurance plan before signing on that dotted line. For complete information about a particular travel plan can be provided by the insurance company. Many travel insurance companies offer round the clock access in the event of loss or emergency while traveling. Thus, do not forget to organize the artwork in one of the companies that is available seven days a week. It is impossible to know when it will happen.

If applicable, take a look at the restrictions associated with age, for travelers aged 65 years and older insurance plan may include limitations or exclusions on previous medical conditions. The travel plan is important to bear in mind the medical and hospital bills, return flight home, a ground ambulance, prescriptions and emergency dental care, may be necessary during the journey.

Before leaving for a foreign country is always useful to meet with potential health hazards. And be sure to get the recommended vaccinations, so as not to raise any unnecessary problems if the claim will be required. Read the insurance policy to ensure that the requirements are met, to ensure that full coverage will be effective.

Travel insurance policy easier to compare with the selection of sites for comparison on the Internet. You can easily compare many travel plans and health insurance in a few mouse clicks. If you take a moment to review the proposals, you can save a lot of heartache when a medical emergency while traveling on vacation.

How have you covered when working or studying outside Canada?

Sometimes it is inevitable for us to go abroad to study outside Canada or perhaps find a job. Wherever you are going to go, you need to prepare all these things: passport, visa requirements, important documents for study or work, a good camera and, of course, your health insurance is on the road.

Thus, medical travel insurance necessary in this list. Accidents and other medical emergencies can happen at any time and, more importantly, anywhere. Imagine that you have to undergo such tests in a different place for you; it can be so expensive and costly. Thousands of dollars can be spent from this terrible nightmare with no medical insurance coverage to protect you. You have the choice to prevent the materialization of these contingencies, and the protection and coverage that you get from the insurance medical insurance, could save a fortune.

Investing in the health insurance can be one of the best decisions you can make. Careless cases that can cause illness for you and your family & # 39; and may tempt you to debt. Only a portion of your bill will be covered by your provincial health plan. It also depends on your eligibility for provincial health insurance. It is important to know what is the extent of your cover, so you know what and how you are covered.

It is also important to purchase health insurance on road trips, if you are outside the country, as some hospitals have policies to prevent, if you have no insurance or money to pay for medical expenses. It's really cruel, but some just stick to strict compliance with hospital policies and standards. To avoid experiencing this dilemma, get medical insurance before traveling and flight outside Canada.

Be sure to consult with the provincial health plan to know how long you will be covered by a basic requirement (usually Var & # 39; iruetstsa three to six months). Also, make it possible to make an agreement on the future coverage if you see fit to do so.

Always carry a copy of a travel insurance policy with important phone numbers and the center of the company's customer support; You may need to call for 24 – 48 hours after an emergency. Do not forget to ensure all original invoices for submission to the provincial health insurance plan. Then overdue account together with the receipt or proof of payment must be submitted to your insurance company.

Upon arrival in the destination country take the time to find the nearest and most accessible hospital, clinic or medical center. Do not wait for an emergency, before you rush; Be ready always, constantly.

A Brief Introduction to travel insurance

What is travel insurance?

In general terms, travel insurance protects all on holiday expenses against adverse events such as cancellation and interruption and also compensate for medical expenses, loss of property and damage to the transit. Travelers are compensated if they have to cancel or interrupt the journey, and they will be covered in the case of ambulances, medical evacuation and other situations.

Categories of travel insurance:

1. Delays and cancellation – including folding

Cancel: compensation shall take effect if travelers have booked and paid for a vacation, but can not start the trip due to personal illness or injury, death (a person or a family member & # 39; s), adverse weather weather & # 39; I, airlines, terrorism, bankruptcy. , Sudden unemployment, jury debts or applying sur & # 39; oznyh damage their home, leading to his nezhytstsyazdolnastsi by fire or flood.

Interruption: Insurance companies pay strahuvalnikam abroad, if they have to cut the trip due to illness, death (the traveler or a family member of the & # 39; s), terrorism, weather & # 39; I, airline strikes, bankruptcy, sudden unemployment and other adverse conditions which means that because of the events, which are not under the control of vacationer, the trip should be reduced.

Delay: it compensates for travelers on hotel expenses, food and clothing in case of flight delays. Some plans also cover costs related to dagnannem cruise when another delay cause the traveler to miss the landing.

2. Health and medical causes

Medical evacuation: it provides emergency transportation to a local hospital in case the traveler will not be able to get there on their own or go to a hospital travelers home. If family members & # 39; and covered by a policy, they can go back and home

Health and medical causes: covers medical and emergency dental expenses. Almost all travel insurance plans to work to compensate for the traveler after they pay local treatment. Claims usually paid for 7 – 10 days. Previous conditions apply to most policies if the policy is purchased within (maximum) 21 days from the date the traveler made the first payment or deposit.

3. Death of travelers:

Plane crash – this covers death or dismemberment only during an air flight. Normally it provided the greatest number of coatings because of the relatively low probability of it.

Total Carrier – Covers death or dismemberment while traveling on public transport, for example, by plane, ferry, train or taxi.

Accidental death – covers death or dismemberment at any time of your trip. Usually it provides the lowest amount of compensation due to the increased risk of

4. Personal belongings Loss of or damage to

Damage on older cars – covers travelers for damage or loss of the rental car. It is designed to allow the traveler to refuse to compensate damage caused by a collision (CDW), offered by car rental companies. liability coverage still be available at a car rental company. Covering damage to the rental car it is also often included in the bill the credit card used to rent a car payment, which often corresponds to the coverage provided by the policy.

Baggage loss – compensation of travelers for lost, stolen or damaged personal items. This coverage is usually limited to the duration of the trip and not confined to baggage damaged or lost by the airline. There are two policy limits, total amount of claims and a maximum. Some policies also limit the type of items, which can claim – such as valuable jewelry, laptops and sporting goods.

-Services of assistance – provides room assembly telephone consultations and assistance to travelers. This service can be used at any time, if a traveler needs advice. Make sure you do not leave home without it, and copy it to multiple locations

In conclusion

Travel insurance – the only product in the modern world saturated by insurance, which is really necessary. You will not regret having taken it, because they do not insure against accidents travel – a great disappointment for too many tourists every year.

Do not leave home without a toothbrush, clean handkerchiefs, a bar of soap and a pleasant travel insurance policy!


7 Quality and need a scout teams

Travel nursing work – is a medical warden, who is busy at work in a particular area for a limited amount of time. Education travel regularly runs in 13-week period of time in one area and move across the country, based on where they need to. As interest in the staff so high in certain regions regularly felt shortcomings, and a short time to work in a specific position will be recorded sister for swimming.

Targets on care of the elderly are usually held from 13 to 26 weeks and include a wide range of claims to fame.

Medical travel can select multiple jobs in different areas, who are working during different time periods. This allows the medical staff to treat the ability to choose when and where they work. The ability to choose where and when you work with & # 39 is an extraordinary advantage of being able to make the trip, strengthening the ability to require suras & # 39; oznay energy when they need it, and do not linger on such activities for a long time.

Settings nursing

A significant advantage of the nursing motion & # 39 is that you get to choose where you live and work. On the very likely that you burned in your current area, or you need to make a road in the opposite direction from the cool climate in the winter, you can find alternative employment in the area and move in the short term.

You can profit from where you want, and often change the area and set in the event that you have chosen. Through the work of outdated movements you can travel further, where you work, and explore new areas of the city and of the nation, or the world at the chance. You have the opportunity to see new places and experience them for a while, to see if you need to eventually live there permanently.

1. demonstrative skill

Brandi Galegas, senior chief of the health department in the service of obsolete movements "forward", said that the most important quality that she is looking for in the education of traffic – it's polished skill. "I'm looking for employees who can engage an expert I hope to check whether they have different conditions and work with a wide range of partners and management styles." – said Galegas.

Offices, occupying contract service must be sure that they can perform in passing similar principles of excellence and polished as their eternal partners. Prademanstravanne different settings and correspondence and abilities, and willingness to correct any dressing on the relationship – it all approaches to show polished methodology.

2. Reliability and dependability

Teresa Healy, head of reception at the US portable social security, said that unwavering quality – this is one of the most important characteristics that she was looking for when checking potential landing places of work. "We have to assume that a researcher from the & # 39; will be for the task in the main day." Entering nyanadeynyh entrants to higher offices not only damage the reputation specialist enrollment and sanitation, but still nursing movement organization.

3. The ability to learn new skills and develop

Excellent education in traveling to & # 39 is the experience and gifted; He or she is also to go out into the world and explore new territory.

"People go for different reasons, but the best medical professionals hope to achieve some professional success and increase new information", – said Galegas. "Those who want to be in a situation of learning and to acquire new skills, will go far out of date movement."

"Sensitivity and willingness to learn from the & # 39 are the key researchers on the grounds that every clinic does things differently, and you have to get new styles and adjusted," – said Healy.

4. incredible manners

Increase raises important for the recruitment of nursing, as a rule, not just in the world of nursing movement. Excellent air and radiant point of view will enable physicians to discover more achievements and satisfaction.

"Regardless of whether there is an inspiring state of mind as the problem of education of movements reliably improves", – said Galegas. "For me, I speak with their health care providers, so looking for someone who can demonstrate cooperation and organization to drop you in the right place for you."

5. Nice outlook and adaptability

Medical travelers who are adapted to their activities, desires and schedule, can come to enable a single and truly fill it as a necessary aspect of the band. Again, health professionals, who are firmly scheduled days and they may or may not want to work much harder.

Having the opportunity to work from the unit to the department as required and be adaptive to the rhythmic movement of the new Polyclinic necessary.

6. consolation change

Specialists in the recruitment seek medical workers who can get out of your usual circle of friends and to be flexible. You go to these hospitals, getting maybe a couple of days of administration, and you should have the ability to move with the beats & # 39; as it were. In that case, if you are extremely clumsy and organized, and used to do a similar path, then it will be difficult to prevail in the elderly.

7. innovative experience

And Gallegos, and Healey agree that the streamlined look with therapeutic electronic records / electronic records of well-being – this is an attribute that is in fact not be discussed in the present state of social security.